Madwa is a craft project working in Madagascar, Swaziland and South Africa. All products are made using sustainable materials. Madwa works with artisans providing help with product development and access to international markets.

Madwa believes that trade is the most effective and sustainable way for individuals to lift themselves out of poverty. Madwa is committed to empowering individuals and communities to use their craft skills to achieve economic stability and independence, while preserving their unique craft heritage.

Madwa does this by:

  • ┬áMaking products people want to buy
  • Creating products which match the needs of the market thereby ensuring sustainable long term orders and business for artisans
  • Maintaining strict quality control
  • Paying all artisans a 50% deposit up front for all orders
  • Managing all transport and customer queries so that the artisans can focus on ensuring the order is done on time and to the quality required
  • Training local members of the community to manage the administrative duties associated with getting and completing orders
  • Celebrating the traditional motifs and patterns that are used
  • Using sustainable materials to make our products. Protecting the natural environments protects the craft that originates from it.

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