Posted in News on the 26, March 2015

Madwa announced today it will open its first retail concession in Pezula Interiors. From April 1 2015, customers will be able to purchase from the Madwa collection via the Pezula showroom and shop at 17 Buiten St Cape Town. Madwa is excited to be partnering with Pezula, one of Madwa’s first customers and supporters and one of South Africa’s most influential design retailers.

Madwa and Pezula have curated a capsule collection of signature Madwa pieces ranging from Swazi carpets, woollen throws and palm side tables to finely woven papyrus boxes, placemats and roughly textured lambas from Madagascar.

Madwa is a non-profit craft project working in Madagascar, Swaziland and South Africa. All products are made by groups of artisans using sustainable materials. Madwa is committed to preserving their unique craft heritage by partnering and supporting these groups with product development and access to international markets.

“Pezula” is the Shona word for “on top” and Pezula Interiors has (since the beginning of the new millennium) endeavored to bring their clients current and affordable interior pieces above trend and always with a sense of style and longevity.

Camilla and Steven Whiteman are the design and sourcing duo behind the Pezula Interiors brand and their flagship store, off Cape Town’s busy Bree St design quarter, encompasses over 500 sq meters of interactive showroom space.

Madwa will continue to operate its wholesale business independently and will move from its current showroom at 221 Bree St to a new office also in Cape Town. Kim McGregor will continue to run Madwa and manage wholesale enquiries.

For further enquiries, please contact Kim McGregor or Steven Whiteman on: 


Kim McGregor 


Steven Whiteman 

021 424 2661

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