Swazi Floor Mats

Swazi Floor Mats

Posted in News on the 13, April 2012

Madwa has initiated a new project in the north of Swaziland to ensure the survival of the traditional grass floor mats woven there. With only a handful of elderly women still making these mats from crocheted grass, their continued production was precarious. Younger women showed little interest in this skill, preferring to seek employment in urban areas. In the past this skill had automatically been passed down through the generations. With Madwa’s new centre headed by master weaver Kalena, younger women are being trained to prepare and plait the grass for the weavers and can see the benefits first hand. Made from Letinse grass, the collection includes bath mats as well as round and rectangular floor mats. Round mats measure 2m, 2.5m and 3m. The rectangular mats measure 2x3m and 3x4m. In summer, the weavers prefer to work outside under the shade of a giant marula tree.

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